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Terms and Conditions Field

Field Hire

o   Booking is essential and is done via the website.

o   Your booking is done through 10to8. You will receive a confirmation text and email straight away to confirm your booking.

o   If you paid via PayPal and you are not redirected back to the 10to8 page, your booking is unlikely to of gone through.

o   We suggest you make the booking again however clicking on the pay later option.

o   Woof n Wag will accept no responsibility if you fail to make your booking correctly and your slot is taken by someone else.

o   No trainers or behavioural works by other professionals is to be done on the field without prior approval from management.

o   CCTV is in operation on the field.

o   All dog waste must be placed in the bins provided.

o   Please ensure the gates are securely locked behind you.

o   You may use the agility equipment at your own risk – Woof n Wag strongly recommend you take part in a class before using the equipment to ensure correct usage.

o   Children / Adults are not permitted to climb on any equipment.

o   All damages to equipment must be reported.

o   The field is a realistic field and contains rabbit burrows and holes – Woof n Wag will accept no responsibility for any injuries received to human or dogs while using the field. By using the field, you accept that the field is realistic and contains many bumps and holes.

o   The field is surrounded by 6ft high security fencing. While the fencing is in place to keep dogs in it is not a deterrent to the determined dog that is not being supervised. Therefore, your dog must always be supervised, and you are to report immediately any damages to the fencing caused by your dog.

o   Woof n Wag will accept no responsibility if your dog escapes from the field.

o   On entering and leaving the field please do so with respect to others nearby.

o   Please don’t leave bottles or food wrappers on the field and use the bins provided.