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Dog Training

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Some of the things we offer

  • Puppy Training Classes    
  • Adult Training Classes      
  • Private Lessons  Either at the field or in your home  
  • Daily Exercise & Training 
  • Field Hire
  • New puppy package (8 weeks +)  Great for before you get a puppy or just after, going through all the things you will need for your puppy including toilet training and biting. 
  • Volunteering, Work Experience
  • Behaviour modification  If your dog is nervous, lunging at other dogs, or destroying your home, no matter what the problem we can help.
  • Rescue Dog Starter package For those who have had the pleasure of rescuing a dog - focusing on building a bond to the do's and don't with your rescue.

At Woof n Wag our training is all about having fun and understanding your dog. It’s all positive and supportive and centered around you.

We train pet dogs and focus on all the things you will need to give your dog a happy, confident life and give you the dog you dreamed of – within reason! :) 

At Woof n Wag we understand that every dog is different therefore training is adapted to your dog, even in the classes.  

Our prices are kept as low as possible so everyone, no matter what their budget can get help in training and behaviour for their dog.

What we teach - everything from lead walking and sit stays to muzzle training, nothing is missed out.

Our training classes run from Friday to Monday. Each class is at different levels from beginners to Gold star level. 

We have a special class also for those dogs who aren’t so happy, focusing more on confidence and management.  

You can always visit a class at any time to see what they are up to or even better join us for a cup of tea.

If your dog requires behavioural work or you just want to improve on a certain aspect of training our private lessons are also very popular.

We do courses on many things including, clicker, scent detection, flyball and tricks. Always check out the Facebook page and web site for details of upcoming courses.

Every month we also do a socialisation walk at various parks around Herts and Beds. The walks are always free and are great way to improve your handling and management skills along with socialising your dog.