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School Rules


1. It is the owners/handlers responsibility to make sure that their dog is on a safe collar and lead at all times (unless asked to remove it) and under control.

2. Everyone MUST clean up after his or her own dog. If you have not got a bag please ask.

3. No bitches in season/heat please!

4. Please do not bring dogs to class if they are not well, ie. sickness and diarrhoea, coughing etc

5. Respect other people’s dogs at all times. Do not approach anyone else’s dog or allow your dog to go up to another dog unless the owner/handler of the other dog has first said that it is all right to do.

6. No one attending the class may hit, kick or otherwise distress their own dog or any other dog or person.

7. You may use head collars and body harnesses, leads should be 2 meters long. Flexi leads are not appropriate for class.

8. Please bring treats (use pea sized pieces of cheese, sausage, chicken, baked liver etc), a toy, a retrieve toy (advanced class) and a long line for recalls every week for your dog. We may not use them every week, but if required, they are of no use at home. Water and a bowl for hot days. (Items are available in shop)

9. Please be sensible about the clothing that you wear, no high-healed shoes/boots/sandals or long flowing skirts. Trousers, close fitting jumpers/sweatshirts/coats and flat shoes/trainers are best. Walking boots/Wellingtons for wet weather.

10. Please use the far end of the Pub Car Park to park and with respect to other uses.

11. If you are unable to make class please contact your instructor to let them know.  Failure to attend without notice for 3 weeks may result in your place being offered to someone else.

12. And the most important Rule – Have fun, your dog will learn faster if they are having fun and enjoying the quality time with you.