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If you would like to rehome your dog through us please fill in an Assessment Form at the bottom of the page and someone will contact you.

There is a brutal trend in the illegal dog fighting circuit that sacrifices smaller animals as bait to excite the dogs before they go in the ring. Don't let your dog become part of this trend.  If you need to rehome your dog it is safer to do this through an animal rescue where appropriate home checks and follow ups can be conducted.  

Puppy farming is big business.  Desirable dogs are often acquired via selling sites to then become breeding machines.  Conditions are awful for many of these dogs and once they can no longer produce a litter they are thrown out like rubbish.   Neutering your dog will help prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

What we can do

Find a home that matches your dog’s exact requirements.

Find a home that doesn’t require your dog to travel huge distances.

Find a home without your dog having to suffer the trauma of going into kennels.


We Can’t

Find a suitable home in a matter of hours. If you dog needs to move from your home urgently please contact us by email or phone

Mind your dog when you are on holiday free of charge,  if you require Boarding contact


We will

Ensure that everything that happens is what’s best for YOUR DOG, it may be easier to advertise him in the paper or dump him in the local dogs home, but the family that end up with him will almost definitely NOT be the right family

Keep you informed of every stage of the rehoming

Run background checks on the new home and ensure a home check is undertaken

Make sure the microchip is registered to the rescue to ensure your dog is never passed on to another home.

Keep an eye on your dog after he has moved to ensure he’s happy and being well looked after.

Retain the right of first refusal so if for any reason the new family cannot keep the dog at any point throughout the rest of his lifetime we will always take him back.

Be available to the new family for the rest of your dogs lifetime offering support and advice whenever it is needed.



Take responsibility for anything you have lied about on the assessment form

If you wish to rehome your dog please fill out the Assessment form

If you would like to become a Foster Carer, Please fill out the application form