Training in the Real World, where it matters most

Woof n Wag Dogs are here to provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to children, the elderly and those people with disabilities.
All our dogs have been thoroughly assessed to provide services to those in the community who would not usually be able to interact with dogs.

If you think your dog could make a difference in the community, please get in touch for more details.

MaxMax is our biggest and silliest dog. In fact, we all secretly think max is Scooby Doo.  Max loves being fussed by people and is happy to sit by your side for a stroke or for you to read him a story. Max also likes Agility, Fetch, searching and most of all eating. So, all you need is some tasty treats and Max will be your best friend.

Jess – Jess is one of our oldest dog aged 8 and now unfortunately has that horrible c – In her prime Jess was our working dog. Now days, Jess likes the easy life of playing with her Ball. She is good at agility and can still give the other dogs a run for their money. Jess is not really into being stroked or read to, she just loves being on the go. Jess can be used for, agility or just general dog company.

Bella – Bella loves playing fetch and playing chase me. Bella is for the children to train. She is very good at increasing the confidence of children by pretending it’s the first time she has done a trick. Bella can also be used as an introduction to owning a dog.

Summer - Summer is a ball mad puppy collie.  Summer will do anything for just one throw of the ball.  Summer is able to be used by children who just want to throw the ball for her or adults wanting to do some training.  She is a little cracker.  

Willow – Willow unfortunately had to semi- retire because of her back legs. Willow is now only used for reactive dog training and short walking. She is super friendly and loves her treats. When you see Willow, be sure to give her a stroke.

Duke – Duke is our fluffiest male dog that you will see around. Duke is only used to teach and not for use by the public. But if you ever see him around make sure to give him and treat and a stroke.